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Princedale - A whole brand and website refresh for a London headhunter Custom website development by 93 for Princedale Brand and website for Princedale by 93ft Custom website development by 93ft for Princedale Fully responsive website design for Princedale Logo and brand for Princedale by 93ft Sheffield Branded stationery for Princedale by 93ft

Princedale - A whole brand and website refresh for a London headhunter

After 10 years in the business, Ru’s website and branding no longer felt like him. He needed a new brand look and feel that truly represented him, his industry leading business and his astronomic success.

Princedale Partners was founded a decade ago by Ru Jupp, a tenacious and ambitious headhunter with a vision

Having lived and worked in London, Barcelona, Tokyo and Hong Kong, Ru knew how the market worked and he knew he wanted to do it differently. Incredibly for an independent business, Ru’s first client was Coca Cola - and from there he, and Princedale Partners, went from strength to strength. 

Following a cyber attack on his Wordpress website, Ru’s SEO reputation and digital legacy was far from optimum. The attack left the business digitally compromised as a number of previously high ranking key search terms were affected. This ultimately led to a decline in website enquiries having a far reaching impact on the digital arm of the business.

From website design to logo, branding to copy, Ru approached 93ft for a total refresh

Ru no longer felt that Princedale Partners was the right name. His website, which had grown along with the business, had become unruly. The colours and typeface didn’t resonate. Princedale Partners needed a sleek new look with a streamlined site that was easy to navigate. 

We reviewed Princedale Partners existing brand and proposed a strategy to reposition the brand's overall look and feel. Our proposal recommended a new website design and development to amplify and elevate the brand and proposition. As part of this process, we helped to define the business narrative and ensure the USP was clear.

From Ru’s personal perspective, we wanted to help him unlock the love for his brand name again, and to develop a brand identity that really resonated with him. To achieve this, we worked alongside Ru, guiding him at every turn on the key decisions that shaped an identity that he is once again proud to work with.

Brand design that stands out in the crowd

We began with our creative brand and strategy workshop, taking a deep dive into Ru’s business to understand his needs, his aspirations for the future and what he wanted to achieve. Ru shared creative elements that inspired him, and we investigated the market he operates in. Ru needed a brand that stood out as much as he did, so we discussed bright colours and bold fonts. 

We were particularly impressed by Ru’s Digital Moves Reports - an industry first, detailing the moves of the biggest and brightest stars in the digital world. We wanted to make more of these reports along with Ru’s podcast - 15 minute chats with industry leaders. 

First though, we needed to find a name that resonated with Ru. After experimenting with different iterations, we settled on Princedale - a simple, refined and elegant choice that his clients would recognise, which reflected the person behind it all. 

A website that works

We took a slimmed down approach to Princedale’s website, creating the minimum number of pages necessary to ensure that navigation was intuitive. Ru, and his Head of Research Lindsay, feature across the site as the faces of Princedale their clients will come to know, and Ru’s forward thinking and driven personality and way of working comes through on every page. Calls to action are clear and site users have a logical progression through each page.

The website serves the B2B community and represents an important portal for returning visitors, potential candidates and business employers alike. The type of roles Princedale recruits for represent the ‘top of the tree’ recruitment in digital, commercial and customer experiential positions. This means the brand and website must align and appeal to this audience.

We evaluated which pages were working hard for the business, and merged or removed pages or navigation items that underperformed.

We reviewed navigation items and streamlined content to improve the user experience.

We improved internal page linking for both SEO purposes and to improve user experience, and promoted added value services on each page so that users could now join a mailing list, understand how Princedale can help address their needs, and highlighting its solution based services.

Copy and content that gets results

We made sure that Ru’s USP and results were front and centre, with every word a high impact enticement to read on. As Ru is the force behind Princedale, it was crucial that his personality came through in every line. Having spent the time getting to know Ru, our copywriting team were able to tune into his tone of voice, while creating a strong brand tone. 

We provided an in-depth SEO and performance report to evaluate the SEO health of the existing website and its content, and created a focused strategy to target key search terms to help get Princedale back in the right place for search engine rankings. 

We designed, wrote and implemented an email marketing strategy for lead generation - including a welcome sequence for new subscribers - and began work on turning Ru’s podcasts into readable and search engine optimised blog posts, making the same content work twice as hard. 

Aftercare and support from our expert developers

The launch of any new site is a nail biting time for clients which is why we offer ongoing support. Being on hand to answer technical questions is part of the package we offer, and we look forward to continuing to work with Ru and Princedale as the company moves forward. 

93ft will continue to host, maintain and provide value added aftercare for the Princedale website following its much anticipated launch. This includes the creation and design of monthly email marketing, along with technical guidance and support. 

Taking a vision and creating something real

At 93ft our job is to take a client’s vision and transform it into something concrete, something that works, something that - we hope - is better than they could have imagined. 

From all of us here, we wish Ru and Princedale every success in the future!

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