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Warp Films

When the iconic Warp Films, one of the most exciting and respected production companies in the UK today made the decision to move their flagship HQ into one of Sheffield’s most famous landmark buildings - Park Hill, it was hailed as having a monumental impact on the City. Two World famous names forged together in Sheffield creating a beacon of creativity and innovation.

Park Hill, once known as the housing estate that brought ‘streets in the sky’ to Sheffield, England, after the Second World War is today Europe’s largest Listed building, It was built between 1957 and 1961, and in 1998 was given Grade II* listed building status and is viewed as a building of architectural and sociological importance.

The Task

The historic brutalist building coupled with Warp’s dynamic and provoking style was the driving force behind this project. 93 were tasked with creating a World class interior that was inspirational to employees and visitors from commissioning agencies to directors and producers. An embodiment of the spirit of independence, originality and creativity as a reflection of Warp Films, while maintaining a modest and considered ‘honest’ environment. Innovative, allowing for a maximised spatial layout of Park Hill especially in some ‘challenging’ spaces that required an entirely new style of thinking. Luxurious, but in a non-conventional way, rather through bespoke furniture and thoughtful sourcing.

The Process

Successful counterbalancing between the Brutalist building and contemporary interior is achieved by way of sleek joinery and custom upholstery. Introduction of plywood timbers, raw lacquered steelwork and linoleum flooring build upon this. Spatially the office was kept as open as possible to encourage both employee and visitors to interact with the spaces across two levels. With areas opened up allowing views from front to the back of the building. Adding in the ability to create private pockets, flush fold back doors were introduced, which emphasise the original voids within the space. Introducing areas such as flexible working areas for producers, a viewing room complete with a sofa pit for viewing first drafts of production, and social hub that doubles up as a small events space when required.

93 allowed the space to help dictate the final environment. Celebrating in its raw glory and pushing an emphasise on honest materials. This drove the design to have a strong palette of original exposed formed concrete walls, ceilings, and beams, all adorned with the layers of its history. Exposed light-switch back boxes and timber noggins that reflect its previous life as 1960s flats, commonly known as ‘The Streets In The Sky’.

The Products & Techniques

Custom furniture was designed and built by 93 to make the best use of Park Hill’s complex spaces. From multi-layered plywood through to steel framed desking, inlaid with linoleum to add texture and interest to the touch. Reclaimed furniture and light fittings were sourced by the 93 team to enhance the industrial feel of this Grade II* listed landmark, whilst maintaining a contemporary touch with task seating and Danish pieces. Mark Herbert, head of Warp Films and renowned film producer’s office enjoys the crowning glory of an original 1950’s polished steel desk and boardroom table carefully sourced by 93. Timbers incorporated branding and Warp Film scenes and original artwork posters tell the story of Warp’s journey so far including the company’s breakout success ‘This is England.’ The space responds sensitively and boldly to both the client and the building with pops of colour interjecting some comfort and fun to the space.

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