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Flipper's Roller Boogie Palace, London

Warp Films

Tasked with creating a world class interior that was inspirational to employees and visitors from commissioning agencies to directors and producers.


Interior Design, Consultancy & Spatial Planning
3D and 2D visualisation
Technical Design
FF&E Specification
Bespoke Manufacture & Product Procurement




Sheffield, England

Warp Films, one of the most exciting and respected production companies in the UK made the decision to move their flagship HQ into one of Sheffield’s most famous landmark buildings - Park Hill. It was hailed as having a monumental impact on the City.

Celebrating in its raw glory and pushing an emphasis on honest materials. This drove the design to have a strong palette of original exposed formed concrete walls, ceilings, and beams, all adorned with the layers of its history.

Mark Herbert, head of Warp Films and renowned film producer enjoys the crowning glory of an original 1950’s polished steel desk and boardroom table carefully sourced by 93.

We worked to maximise the spatial layout of the space, especially as there were some ‘challenging’ areas that required an entirely new style of thinking.

Park Hill, once known as the housing estate that brought ‘streets in the sky’ to Sheffield, England, after the Second World War is today Europe’s largest Listed building.

Introducing areas such as flexible working areas for producers, a viewing room complete with a sofa pit for viewing first drafts of production, and a social hub that doubles up as a small events space when required.

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