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Youth Hostel Association

The Lost & Found

How to develop a premium restaurant and bar brand from single site to national brand with an independent look and feel.


Full Brand Strategy & Design Services
Website Design & Development
Marketing Communications
Content & Illustration
Bespoke Manufacture






Across the UK

The Truckle was designed and manufactured in the 93 workshops. The idea, to help establish the brand into new locations, provide additional bar capacity and support business development opportunities and events.

The fully responsive website was built to support expansion into new locations and features an extensive range of menus in both HTML and downloadable PDF format, online bookings, database sign up forms, a blog, and pages that promote their event spaces and careers.

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We developed a number of unique identities for the professors including writing their legends and production of the assets.

"I can’t say thank you enough for your help and support over the last few years."

Andrea Beckett, Brand Manager, The Lost & Found

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