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The Conan Doyle Estate

Working with the family Estate of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle to reveal the legacy and potential of Arthur Conan Doyle's endeavours, achievements and fictional characters.


Brand Strategy
Marketing Communications
Website Design & Development



Film, Media, Merchandising



We’ve created The Conan Doyle Estate’s own trademark - Arthur Conan Doyle’s portrait and personal signature is a legacy marque of distinction, strength and knowledge. It represents an incredible man with many attributes to his name. It is used to authenticate, add kudos and to symbolise a partnership with this dynamic British brand.

We’ve custom built and designed digital platforms to provide exclusive access to diaries, rare letters, old family photos and Arthur Conan Doyle’s personal artifacts.

We help to cultivate and nurture ideas to explore and develop ways to bring Arthur Conan Doyle’s world to new audiences to achieve inspiring results on an international scale in the world of licensing.

Film work to tell the story of the family Estate so far and future licensing plans.

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