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Eroica Britannia

A Great British adventure like no other. One of the most talked about events in the cycling and festival calendar, 93 are both creators and custodians of the Eroica Britannia brand from pre-launch in 2014. Deploying full strategic services for the brand all the way through to sponsors documents, outfitting and apparel to event interiors to press and marketing. The aim? To appeal and captivate riders to embark on an unrivalled feat of camaraderie and sportsmanship on roads less travelled to embrace L'Eroica global way of life 'the beauty of fatigue and the thrill of conquest.'

Brand & Creative Direction

Part of the L'Eroica Global family of ten events around the world, Eroica Britannia was created by 93 to be as quintessentially English as the original L'Eroica is passionately Italian.

Taking strong leads from British cycling heritage and a nod towards the slightly more modern, Eroica Britannia has developed over 4 years to become an iconic brand on the world stage. Charged with creating all brand assets from the annual ride poster, hand drawn local village illustrations, typographic route book ink stamps right down to the choice of paper stock we print on.

An absolute privilege to be a part of.

Motion Picture & Photography

Our film team have captured a portrait of 'A Great British Adventure' in the beautiful English countryside. The film has been directed and produced to stir up the feelings of adventure, discovery, like mindedness and of course wanderlust, spirit, endeavour, conquest and achievement to span all ages with the bike as the beating heart.

93 also direct and oversee all photography, enjoying expansive shots from air and close up and personal as Riders jostle for position.

The Britannia Times

We've designed, written, edited and printed The Britannia Times since 2016. A 46 page compendium and an ode to a Great British Adventure giving detailed advice on how to wisely spend 3 festival days and nights ahead of Ride Day on the final day. Packed with know-how and knowledge it also acted as a guide to The Ride, Shopping, Food and Drink.

Printed on newsprint it was the must-have accessory to the weekend and an important sales tool for Sponsors and Traders for the year ahead.

Outfitting & Apparel

We've developed and created annual ranges of Eroica Britannia kit that were produced in collaboration with global sponsor Santini and a diffusion range with luxury knitwear brand John Smedley. Keeping in mind heritage and handsome design has seen Eroica Britannia own range jerseys grace the backs of many International Riders as well as closer to home via an Eroica Britannia online outfitting and general stores.

Event Build & Design

For 2016 and 2017 93 has designed and built Eroica Britannia Headquarters. The beating heart of The Ride and The Festival. This enormous structure houses Rider Registration, The Eroica Britannia Outfitting and General Stores for merchandise. The famous HQ cocktail bar and DJ's through into the evening. Housing thousands of Riders and festival visitors over three days, each section of HQ needs to service all sorts of needs and requests.

We also created an 'all new' Festival hangout for 2017! A posh British boozer, The Britannia Arms and converted a vintage horsebox into a mobile beer hut. We built the entire 'stage set' with an anti-waste policy, making use of reusable timbers to build displays and designed smart shelving for 93 designed outfitting and bespoke artwork.

Website & Digital

Think freedom, escapism and wanderlust right at your fingertips! 93 created a bespoke web design which was developed in-house to promote ticket sales and support ease of access to detailed Ride and Festival information wherever you are or whatever your screen preference.

Content & Communications

From 2014 to 2017 we cultivated collaborations and creative interviews with first time riders to famous names from David Millar to Chris Boardman MBE and journalists keen to have carte blanche to share their adventures.

We detailed every last scrap of joy on the Eroica Britannia NEWS platform that our audience gleaned from the training and preparation for the event and wrote extensively about the finer details and behind the scenes to build anticipation and audience. We took care of full Social Media services to document the unique interactive relationship.

We also successfully bridged the gap in the media from ‘cycling specific’ titles through to National Lifestyle, Fashion, Food & Drink drawing in a family friendly audience as well as lifestylers, connoisseurs and style-finders by running an organic yet rigorous PR campaign to attract a global and local audience.


The Guardian
"If you love cycling and also all things vintage then Eroica Britannia is the festival for you"

The Telegraph
"The atmosphere was great; convivial, eclectic."

Waitrose Weekend
"Family-centred fun in 100 acres of woods with food, drink, shopping and live music."

Elle Decoration
The Ride featured 5th on Elle Decoration Cool List

The Radavist
"This is no leisurely stroll, only sated by a cold beer at a pub. Eroica Britannia is a ride for cyclists."

Daily Telegraph
"The most atmospheric cycling event of the British summer"

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