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93 Makes

This is our skill, our passion and our art. We work to create a unique aesthetic that adapts with the ever-changing face of architectural interiors. 93 Makes is all about design process, thinking, adapting, experimenting. Not fashion. Not mass production. Welding, sawing, spraying, sewing. Honest products by honest people. Designed by us, made within a sustainable five-mile radius of the 93 studio.

The Why

We are not only designers, we are creatives, investigators, experimenters and makers. We are scavengers of the previously loved and see beauty in reclaimed materials. Taking interest in original forms, whatever its current condition. A signature accent of 93 is the reclamation and reuse of architectural salvage.

We design and make, but we are not a shopfitting outfit. We innovate to present a design solution to address space, customer experience, and aesthetics. To us, design is not about choosing off the shelf items but about exploring new ways that address budget, logistics, detailing, material and of course a unique end result. Creating something which has provenance and can tell a story in any environment from hotels, workspaces, retail, exhibitions, restaurants and more.

The Materials

Rescued timbers from old schoolhouses, reclaimed flooring from hundred year old factories, salvaged lighting from Art Deco cinemas, turn of the century cocktail chairs from Europe. We search the globe to find the best materials possible. It’s all about the beautiful patinas, the stories they could tell, their strength of character. We love to combine these historic materials with modern day counterparts such as blue steels, golden brasses, polished marbles, and bold paint colours. Add to this layers of tactile, textured fabrics and supple leathers. These are not catalogue items, they transcend trend, they are legacy pieces.

The Product

In order to create quality products, 93 specialises in sourcing both materials and objects in their raw state. The 93 Makes team includes steel and specialist metal fabricators, joinery manufacturers, restorers, digital fabricators, and upholsterers. We restore materials and found objects into a revitalised version of themselves. Our team includes local craftsmen producing custom design pieces right here in Sheffield, exporting on a global scale. The right balance of history, quality and modernity. We are not only restoring the old, but we are also creating the contemporary.

We believe that all interiors should have strength in their finishes and confident products. Having the ability and resources to deliver custom made items provides us with a greater flexibility. If you can be sustainable, why wouldn’t you? When it comes to interiors, a beautiful historic building gives us a history, we like to work with what’s already there, we don’t believe in a throwaway culture. Our products are built to last, the materials are picked for their durability.

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