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Le Swine - From Spitalfields Market trader to make at home meal kit national supplier. The rise of independent food operators online

Le Swine - From Spitalfields Market trader to make at home meal kit national supplier. The rise of independent food operators online

Our story with Le Swine started back in June 2020. Lockdown 1.0 was easing and with it, chef and Spitalfields Market trader James Packman, who was in charge of selling London’s best bacon butties emerged with a change of approach.

The lockdown had disrupted his regular trading post, so he quickly took to the world of e-commerce and for the first time got a taste of being able to retail his product across Britain. Only a few things stood in his way to reaching his ambitions, one of them being the brand, the packaging experience and most importantly his route to market - the website.

Appointed in July 2020, we quickly set to work with a creative brand and strategy workshop aimed at understanding everything that has happened with Le Swine up to this point. We discussed the clients' hopes and fears for the project, and both shared creative references. Following this, we drafted up a roadmap for the project over the next 7-months.

The first task was to define a new visual direction for the Le Swine identity itself. We wanted to project a slicker, cleaner and confident identity that would help Le Swine look more established in the marketplace. Taking inspiration from 1960/70’s the cursive font style delivers the look and feel the client was after. 

We shared the clients' vision to move the delivery box beyond a kraft look and feel. We wanted to deliver an experience that would excite the customer and allow the brand to own more of the box. A branded box was the answer, printed in full colour. We also gave various bottles and tubs of sauces, drinks and spread a facelift. Working with the client to roll out easy and effective packaging solutions that don’t cost the earth but elevates each product from the norm and creates stand out products that people will love.

Inside the box was also an important brand experience space to get right. The contents wrapped in a time old favourite - greaseproof. But with a big difference, it’s printed with a comic story of how Le Swine came into being. Expertly drawn by illustrator Rob Flowers, this creative collaboration brings to life brand story. It looks great on the greaseproof and across other marketing channels. This added value approach to branding is how we think, ensuring the client sees a return on investment.

In addition to the greaseproof wrap, we wanted the customer to receive a copy of their very own Bacon Guide. Page by page, the guide introduces Le Swine and the incredible detail they go to working behind the scenes to either invent, make or source their quality and taste sensation produce. Helping direct the photographic direction, we brought to the table an almost ‘never seen before’ way to photograph the making of a bacon butty as part of a how-to cook guide.

We also helped the client to find the right words to say. Both in terms of defining the proposition - what actually is the product, what are the benefits to the customer and why would someone order a Le Swine box. Statements like “Britain’s Best Bacon Butty” and “From London with Love” were outcomes of our initial brand workshop that really resonated with us all. These brand taglines really came into play on the delivery box, the bacon guide and on the website. Paring the proposition with the right tone of voice for how the brand speaks to the audience was also essential. Wordsmithing was also important in our strategy for the website's navigation, helping users to get around and know where they're going.

The e-commerce website itself provided Le Swine with a custom design, modern and robust online selling experience harnessing Shopify as the platform. Our strategy was to push the product to the forefront of the store experience celebrating each bacon butty box’s unique selling point. Ever present and clear call to action helps to navigate the user through the website to either a point of purchase or interaction via the mailing list or social media.

The product page designs present the user with great looking photography, clear and accurate descriptions of what’s included in the boxes, what the customer can expect to receive, and the opportunity to upsell a recommended item from a selection of extra products and merchandise. As a website administrator, we also developed a way to choose from multiple product page design templates depending on the type of product.

Additional functionality such as being able to sell a physical gift card also integrated into the website. Corporate gifting and occasion led purchasing also clearly signposted to help inspire, inform and direct the user to the product for them.

Other key functionality requested by the client and added to the site by our in house website developers included a custom implementation of a postcode lookup system for delivery. The ability for the customer to choose a delivery date and for the shop administrator to set shipping prices for specific days such as weekends or weekdays. 

Having only physically met once, and delivery of a full turnkey project remotely thereafter we wish Le Swine the very best of luck into the year ahead. Our ongoing support and aftercare mean the 93 team are here to help with any technical questions and continue to develop the website as the brand naturally evolves.

James Packman, Founder and Chef, Le Swine comments, "The relationship with 93 has been an inspiring journey of design. I’ve enjoyed every moment from start to finish. The attention to detail and how the 93 team invests themselves in your vision is incredible. Whilst trying to pivot my business in London during Covid and the 93 guys being based in Sheffield, the communication via phone calls, email and many a zoom meeting has been seamless. Not only showing a commitment to the project in hand, 93 throughout the process offered insight, advice, ideas and great contacts to contribute to many other aspects of Le Swine. I felt the service went above and beyond all expectations. I’m already looking forward to the next project together…”

The new website and brand will launch early Spring 2021.

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