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AEI: The Halley

The Halley is a canalside workspace in the culturally vibrant area of Haggerston, East London, with music and media set firmly at its core.


Full Interior Design Services
Full Brand Strategy, Naming, Visual Identity and Design Services
Website Design & Development
Bespoke Manufacture and Product Procurement




Workplace / Cafe / Studios


London, England

Experience makers: using our full creative team across the studio and workshop, we’ve worked closely with the AEI Group to brand, design and deliver a new and exciting space with music at its heart.

Developing a fully immersive brand name and brand identity that has a unique connection to Haggerston.

The Halley logotype has an evolving form. Fragments can be made using the ‘generator’ which is based on the points on a compass, N, S, E and W. Intricate wire frames can also be formed using several fragments combined.

Individual fragments are created by joining points of the Octagon to form new shapes.

In 1656 an astronomer was born in Haggerston. From this landed estate Sir Edmond Halley would later look to the stars and celestial bodies and calculate their orbits. A comet named in his honour sweeps past the earth every 76 years.

Exploring an immersive brand concept through use of soundscape, biodiverse planting, materiality and wayfinding.

The idea for the interior was inspired by creating a central hub from which the workspaces radiate and circulate around. Much like a solar system itself.

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