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Flipper's Roller Boogie Palace, London

The Eye Place

We've been designing and crafting The Eye Place's London & Derbyshire interiors and have looked after their brand creation and evolution for more than a decade.


Interior Architecture
Website Design & Development
Project Management
Furniture & Light Design






5 sites nationwide

Prestigious and hip London locations combining original, responsible and sustainable design with state of the art and cutting edge technology.

The 93 workshops have created signature Eye Place furniture and cabinetry from antique and reclaimed materials creating not only custom made solutions for retail space management but luxurious legacy pieces that work hard to set the scene to sell.

Transforming a fast paced retail environment into a deluxe lifestyle experience through bespoke made feature architectural lighting, designed and made by 93.

Over a decade ago we created the branding for The Eye Place which has evolved over the years but still maintains its original form. Seen on shop fronts, signage and in print and digital formats across multiple locations.

A rapidly transforming brand with a dynamic entrepreneur at its helm has meant as the business grows so does the need to be supported with new brand assets. We’ve evolved and developed the brand with iconography, sub-brands and illustrations to showcase a burgeoning range of services but also to create personality, warmth and to capture a sense of belonging and loyalty within a broad customer base.

We created a custom ‘Eyeball’ wallpaper graphic to use as a brand identifier throughout the stores.

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