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Flipper's Roller Boogie Palace, London

93 have created an iconic flagship and permanent British home for Flipper's Roller Boogie Palace the legendary Los Angeles skater institution - now open in White City, London.


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White City, London, England

A high profile project

Drawing together the agency's talent from our interior design and architecture team through to our workshop - 93 Makes.

We have created a world class roller skating rink, live music venue, diner and skate shop.

The original West Hollywood Flipper's was a notoriously hedonistic party hotspot known as 'Studio 54 on wheels' founded in 1979 by Ian "Flipper" Ross.

Loved by Prince, Robin Williams, Nile Rodgers, Cher, Arnold Schwarzenegger and David Bowie to name a few of the stars that mixed alongside a free spirited skate community.

Back in the day Flipper's was a hub for people of all cultural backgrounds to unite for nights of unforgettable roller skating fun - this was the vision and the reality for Flipper's, London.

Lead Designers

Capturing the essence of freedom of movement, spirit and mind. The design needed to deliver the ability for individuality and escapism to thrive as well as fostering community and togetherness.

Working at 'breakneck speed', over 6 months we turned 'Exhibition', a building whose heritage as a Grade II-listed power station - into an iconic home for local and global skaters.

"The overall brief was 'to make it really inclusive'. Ultimately Flipper's is a movement, and the venue is the space for that community".

Founder & Creative Partner Tim Hubbard, Design Week interview

Channelling a 'high/low concept' of contrasting elements allowing for an 'anything goes culture' from punk to meditation, to run hand in hand together. It was essential that the essence of what Flipper's was back in the day, was able to reemerge in 2022. A melting pot of people, music and cultures. It was integral that this reimagining of Flipper's was somewhere 'where people could be who they wanted to be and do what they wanted to do'.

A spectacular industrial building lending itself to an exceptional quality of environment which makes the Flipper's experience like no other.

Inspiration of course came from Ian Ross' original build - keeping the raw late-Seventies, early-Eighties grungy feel alongside Flipper's world-class sound and lighting production experience.

We worked with the original concrete floors alongside steel work, mesh cages for areas such as the bar and bar back, hard-wearing Hexagrip flooring and plywood stained black - to really accentuate the pink and orange neon of the lighting.

Pro Skate Shop

A showstopping 4 metre rotating central pivot door gives access to Flipper's retail collection.

The Feature Rink

A 250 people black beech rink with mirrored panels on the rink barrier serve to amplify the atmosphere by reflecting the lights, content on digital screens and skater's movements back into the space allowing three-dimensional content to bounce around.

A thin "floating timber" flooring system was devised to comply with the landlord's requirement that it not be bonded to the concrete slab, while avoiding steps between levels for its uses as a gig venue. The rink floor itself was provided by Danish specialists Junkers, and the distinctive black finish, achieved using stained beech, was a design element Ross insisted on.

Lizard Lounge

We installed a new 60 person mezzanine - acting as a viewing deck and private lounge giving an elevated view of the rink. Four palm trees add a bit of kitsch LA.

Hotdogs & Caviar Diner

A 200 capacity diner and cocktails experience - defined by a 'Flipper's' logo ceiling mounted LED installation and a set of four rotating mirrors in the Boogie Lounge. Planted perimeter cages along with two pink roller skate wheel booths set the scene.

Custom Built Furniture

Big seating units in the shapes of '79 & 81' make up before you lace up seats - Ian Ross's sentiment before skaters hit the rink.

Liberty Ross pictured with a custom made Flipper's roller boot by Neon Workshops.

"You can't help but be overwhelmed. When you've got brilliant digital content, brilliant brand, great sound, great music, great lighting, great interiors, good drinks, great service, an amazing experience of a fantastic rink. And then you see all those people, that community coming together in that space. It's a real energy".

Founder & Creative Partner Tim Hubbard, Design Week interview

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