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Flipper's Roller Boogie Palace, London

Dark Woods Coffee

How to elevate a speciality coffee brand to a national and international audience.


Full Brand Strategy & Design Services
Art Direction
Content & Illustration
Marketing Communications
Website Design & Development






Across the UK

Working with Swiss illustrator Julia Marti we directed a series of ink based illustrations bringing to life the characters of the Dark Woods.

Delivering an unparalleled website experience for one of the UK’s leading and most innovative independent coffee brands. The online store helps Dark Woods sell coffee 24/7 and to a global audience, a natural extension of the website and brand experience.

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Carefully considered pieces like the Zine, postcards and tasting notes were created to help promote the product and the brand.

Working with experienced film and photographers allowed us to capture a sense of the landscape and terrain around the mill.

"I don’t think we are the easiest clients for any design agency to work with; we have lots of our own ideas but want to work with people that listen, challenge us and come up with a solution that truly are world leading. 93 provide this, as design awards for our coffee packaging in both Europe and the US will confirm.

Excellent design needs to transfer beyond good visuals on a computer screen as well. Choice of materials, illustrations, paper stock, signage etc are just as important to 93, to fully realise the integrity of the initial concept and make it immersive for our customers."

Paul Meikle-Janney, Director of Dark Woods Coffee

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