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93 Features – Marketing for growth, reducing your spend and increasing your impact Marketing for Growth A3 worksheet printed on GF Smith Colorplan on the lap of an attendee. A pile of custom designed and printed GF Smith Colorplan lanyards for the 93 Features Marketing for growth event. A table spread of croissants and danish pastries supplied by The Mowbray for the attendees of the event. A crowd of the attendees talking and networking in The Mowbray space. The Marketing for Growth event worksheet and handout on the lap of an attendee, printed on GF Smith Colorplan. James and Becs of Kokopelli presenting at the event next to the big screen in The Mowbray. The crowd of attendees listening and taking in the Marketing for Growth presentation. An attendee using the A3 event worksheet to write down and calculate their funnel strength. Portrait of Becs and James of Kokopelli, stood in front of the Mowbray interior.
12th February, 2024

93 Features – Marketing for growth, reducing your spend and increasing your impact

For the latest 93 Features event, we were joined by James and Becs from Kokopelli for a comprehensive look at funnel strength, the importance of advocacy, and turning your biggest weakness into your biggest opportunity.

Marketing doesn't need to be all smoke and mirrors

Business growth through marketing — it’s the Holy Grail for every business owner. With so much discussion around what marketing you should be doing (apparently more) and how much you should be spending (also more), how exactly do you cut through the noise? This was the theme of our recent 93 Features event, with London-based growth agency, Kokopelli, at the helm.

Kokopelli are not your typical marketers. They advocate doing less and spending less, for a start. They’re also happy to help business owners implement their own marketing, with owners James and Becs guiding them through each stage of the process. These are some of the practical DIY-marketing tips they shared with us at the event.

Get the core right

Kokopelli’s theory is that a healthy business will grow by advocacy alone. No need to spend a penny on marketing. Instead, they showed us how to harness a completely free resource to make that DIY growth happen: happy customers.

Advocacy is powerful because it leverages the deep trust that people place in recommendations from people they know. An endorsement from a trusted brand, a friend or family member, or a peer carries a lot of weight in a customer's decision-making process. This makes it hugely valuable for businesses looking to make more sales.

We learnt the Net Promoter Score (NPS) method of judging how impactful customers’ advocacy might be. Consistently score 9-10 and business is looking bright. But anything below that and there’s work to do.

The takeaway here was that if you’re not already collecting reviews and customer feedback, you best get started. Once you have an NPS and the anecdotal feedback on what your customers think, you’ll be able to see what people love about your business and where you can make improvements.

Calculate the strength of your marketing funnel

Marketing isn't just about reaching an audience. It’s about guiding them through a story, appealing to their emotional side and hitting them with the logic behind making a purchase with you, until they transfer from potential customer to loyal follower.

This is where the marketing funnel comes in. At the workshop, attendees were walked through the art of using this tool to gain clarity on where their marketing efforts were being used – and whether these efforts were actually doing anything.

We learnt how Kokopelli maps the customer journey all the way through from Awareness to Engagement, Consideration, Purchase… finally ending on Advocacy. Then it was over to the attendees to map their current marketing funnels, using Kokopelli’s unique formula to calculate the strength of it.

You can do this yourself, using the worksheet provided on the day. Download it here.

With a vividly clear picture of which aspects of their marketing’s working and which aspects might need some work, Kokopelli answered the audience’s questions about the opportunities they’d revealed in their marketing funnel.

Book a marketing audit with Kokopelli

In essence, the "Marketing For Growth" workshop was a palate cleanser for business owners navigating the confusing work of marketing. Thanks to Kokopelli's straightforward approach, attendees left with renewed trust in marketing, an understanding of their customers’ journey down the funnel, and the knowledge to spot opportunities to improve their businesses. 

Kokopelli’s third takeaway was the offer of a free marketing audit for people who attended the event or those who weren’t able to make it. Don't wait around to book, there's only a limited number of spots available. Book yours using this handy link

The power of creating a cohesive brand experience

Much like a successful marketing strategy being greater than the sum of its parts, a successful brand experience is dependent on the combination of a number of different facets. Marketing without a cohesive and confident brand identity is hoping the bells and whistles will sell the rusty bicycle. An engaging brand identity won't produce online sales with a e-commerce website that doesn't accept card payments. We might be preaching to the choir here, but the power of creating a cohesive brand experience for your business speaks for itself. That's where 93ft can help.

Work with 93ft’s award winning brand, interior and digital team

Whatever your goals for your business or organisation, 93ft’s award winning approach to creating holistic brand experiences can help get you there. With 93ft as your partner, we can develop and shape your brand identity, transform your online presence and physical space, engage your audience through comprehensive SEO research, and achieve your marketing goals. Get in touch today to tell us about your exciting new project, we'd love to show you where we could elevate your offering.

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