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Web Excellence Award for 93 designed Archery GB Website
1st June, 2023

Web Excellence Award for 93 designed Archery GB Website

93ft's work on the Archery GB website wins Web Excellence Award. Our journey to industry recognition in web design and development.

We earned industry recognition for our work with Archery GB

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, crafting a compelling online presence is crucial for any organisation. Here at 93ft, we pride ourselves on being not just web developers, but architects of unforgettable online experiences. Our unwavering commitment to creating high quality, unique and authentic websites recently earned us the prestigious Web Excellence Award in the Sports category for our work on the Archery GB site

This award not only celebrates our team’s hard work and expertise, but illustrates the difference we can make for our clients. We’ll take you through the journey of our successful collaboration with Archery GB, and illustrate how our involvement in your web project can have a profound impact in elevating your organisation's digital presence.

Archery GB - The brief

Archery GB is the UK National Governing Body of sport for archery, and their brief was complex as their website had been facing several critical challenges. As well as looking and feeling outdated and not matching the current brand, the site was cumbersome, difficult to navigate, and lacked the usability and appeal that their members expected. 

Members, archery enthusiasts, and those new to the sport who were seeking information about lessons, clubs and events in their area all encountered difficulties when trying to locate essential information. This created frustration and hindered the organisation's ability to engage its target audience effectively. It also cost valuable staff hours as members would be forced to message Archery GB directly with questions they couldn’t find online.

Putting user experience first to craft excellence

Our approach with our client always begins the same way - with a conversation. We talked extensively with key stakeholders in all departments to really understand what their members needed. We put UX (user experience - how a person experiences using the website, a key consideration for great web design) at the forefront to ensure that information was easily findable and the site was easy to navigate.

Here’s a breakdown of our process:

  • User-centric redesign: Recognising the importance of putting the user first, our first step was to conduct comprehensive research. We aimed to understand the diverse needs of Archery GB's members, addressing their pain points to create an experience that truly resonated with them
  • Immersive visuals: Archery is a sport that combines grace and precision, and we wanted the website to capture this essence. We integrated high-quality images and videos that showcased the sport's beauty, drawing visitors into the world of archery
  • Streamlined content organisation: We restructured the website's content, ensuring that visitors could effortlessly find the information they needed. Whether it was rules and regulations, training resources, or event schedules, we transformed the user journey to be seamless and intuitive
  • Interactive tools for engagement: In the interests of making the website more engaging, increasing session times and decreasing bounce rates, we developed tools including ‘Find a Club’, ‘Find a Competition’, ‘Find a Course’, ‘Athlete Statistics’ and ‘National Records’, integrating with the Sport80 platform for maximum efficiency. These tools served as both valuable resources and incentives for users to return
  • Mobile optimisation: Recognising the prevalence of mobile browsing, we optimised the website for various screen sizes and devices. This ensured that users had a functional, consistent and enjoyable experience, regardless of their choice of device
  • Robust bespoke CMS: We understand that your organisation's needs are unique. We create bespoke Content Management Systems (CMS) tailored to your specific requirements, providing you with complete control and flexibility over your digital content
  • API integration: Seamless API integration was key to the success of the Archery GB project. We can provide real-time, interactive functionalities for your website that keep your audience engaged
  • Secure member areas: Our experience in developing secure single sign-on (SSO) members areas ensures the security your members need

The results - increased user satisfaction and sell out competitions

Our collaboration with Archery GB yielded impressive results, with Emma Kasprzak, Head of Communications at Archery GB reporting increased engagement with a 12% increase in users, 14.5% increase in sessions and a session duration increase of 15%. Event registrations soared with a competition selling out in 30 minutes. Bounce rates are down by 7% with visitors spending more time exploring, indicating higher interest and satisfaction levels. Archery GB members commented on how the new site shows a more modern and exciting face of archery in the UK. 

Emma Kasprzak, Head of Marketing and Communications, said: “I’m delighted that Archery GB’s website has been recognised by the Web Excellence Awards.

Creating a new website for a national governing body is no easy task but right from the start we were reassured that 93ft understood our sport and asked the right questions to help us work out what we needed the new site to do and what each user journey would look like.

They worked with every department of Archery GB to come up with a framework, look and copy that showed our sport as modern, inclusive and exciting. They also collaborated with our membership platform to ensure integration with our database including the club finder and competition finder. They have continued to work with us as we have developed the site further to make it a comprehensive resource for our members and other stakeholders.”

Work with 93ft’s award winning web design team

Whatever your goals for your business or organisation, 93ft’s award winning approach to user-centric design can help get you there. Our Web Excellence Award serves as a testament to our dedication to delivering innovative and user-centric web solutions and is a recognition of our commitment to excellence in web design and development.

With 93ft as your partner in the digital realm, we can transform your online presence, engage your audience, and achieve your marketing goals.

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