18th March, 2020

New Poster Series for The YHA

We're delighted to share our series of 5 posters to help promote the YHA in England & Wales. If you spot one of these on your travels - we'd love to know where!

We took a visual cue from the old rail and transportation posters of the 1930's, a key time in the YHA's early development. The images are bright and colourful and are loosely based on real YHA locations around the country, they promote the outdoors, a clean lifestyle, varied types of accommodation on offer, sweeping landscapes, vista's, mountains and even more urban cityscapes.

We worked with the illustrator 'Sam Chivers' who has previously worked for GQ, The Guardian and Wired magazine, his colourful and often abstract works depict people and place and felt like the perfect fit, he was super happy to be working on this design journey with us and has fond memories of staying at YHA's in his youth.

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