13th November, 2020

Glass Onion - From rebrand to brand new e-commerce store. We help launch the future of sustainable clothes buying online

We’re super proud to announce our recent partnership with vintage clothing wholesaler Glass Onion. Located in the northern heartlands of Barnsley, South Yorkshire, the Glass Onion brand trades in over 200 brands across menswear, womenswear, one-of-a-kind original vintage pieces and remade clothing.

The way we make, use and throw away our clothes is unsustainable. Textile production contributes more to climate change than international aviation and shipping combined. UK Parliament

Realising the brands wider appeal to select, design and handcraft second hand clothing we set about implementing their direct to consumer strategy as part of an ambitious growth plan for the business.

CEO - John Hickling and Commercial Director, Craig Hughes appointed 93 as their brand and digital partners in September 2020.

With only 8 weeks to deliver the creative brand strategy for their business the team at 93 worked with great agility to help unlock their unique brand proposition. To be the busiest and most bought sustainable fashion brand.

First up the brand needed to evolve from their wholesale identity to a consumer audience brand. One that would strike the eye from the word GO, yet retain their heritage in vintage clothing while projecting a strong yet contemporary image. In a digital collaboration with typeface hero Matt Willey we selected AType as the basis to craft our own take. John Hickling says, “Sustainability is in our DNA and is a big part of our future.” In honour of this we worked in a subtle nod to the recycle, repeat and circular nature of second hand clothing with an arrow head incorporated into the letter ‘G’. Glass Onion was reborn.

We’re great believers in creating truly unique brand identities. Working with Australian scribble legend Max Blackmore of No Scribbles we collaborated to produce a short series of what we coined some of Glass Onions favourite ‘protest statements’. Our goal was to visualise what they believe are important differentiators in their brand behaviours. These colourful and fun illustrated icons are perfectly placed to attract the eye of their target audience - 18 - 24 year olds. Handy to apply onto packaging, the website, mailers or swing tags and they work hard to differentiate Glass Onion from other brands in the marketplace. 

Glass Onion are better known around the world for supplying wholesale vintage clothing to businesses, but soon, for the first time, anyone will be able to shop their huge collection of one-of-a-kind pieces online. Our in-house team of senior designers and developers came together with the mindset to deliver on our clients vision. To create an e-commerce experience second to none. Adopting Shopify as their chosen platform we worked to customise an existing theme while injecting a number of third party plugins requiring additional manipulation of code to ensure a first class user experience.

Taking their market exposure further, we turned our hand to reskin the facade of their test bed Sheffield store. Expect a bold use of scale, colour and messaging to transform a former post office branch into a well considered sustainable clothing store. 

Glass Onion is uniquely positioned to become the driving force of sustainable clothing fashion in the UK and beyond. Part of our approach is to develop a relationship with the client beyond just being that of a supplier, more in favour of developing into a trusted partner with you every step of the way. We wholeheartedly support their vision to become a true leader in sustainable fashion for a new generation. Introducing, "The Brand New Second Hand".

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If you can’t wait until then, you can visit their store in Sheffield City Centre @glassonion.sheffield

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