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Getting Back To Business in The Office and Retail
21st May, 2020

Getting Back To Business in The Office and Retail

At the request of several clients we have designed an effective way to help protect staff and customers in different environments from the office to retail.

Desk Screens

We have designed desk screens that work with any desk, meeting table, etc. Non permanent so easily removable when required.

Retail Screens

We also have designed simple hanging screens to help to segregate areas without affecting the overall use and aesthetic of the interior. 

Designed To Fit Your Needs

Due to the nature of each project, space, desk and table sizes we have the ability to easily scale the dimensions required for your use. 

We've designed and made our kit to be as cost effective as possible. Made in our workshops in Sheffield. 

Safe Installations 

Our team will deliver and install at a safe and convenient time to suit you with the relevant social distancing and PPE. 

We’re Here to Help!

During lockdown each part of 93 from the interiors, product, brand, web development and workshop teams have been working 'from home' with new and existing clients to help inject some positivity and find ways to adapt, innovate and ultimately reactivate parts or all aspects of their business or in some cases to create something entirely new!  

Times are challenging and unprecedented but we're committed to supporting our network to aid survival and success.

The last few weeks have been especially interesting as business and creative minds are re-engaging and seeking to move forward with new business strategies for shorter and long term innovation - including getting back into the office and retail. 

Let us know if we can help with any ideas or new innovations - small or large! 

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