Stay in High Spirits with The Drinks Drop!
1st January, 2025

Stay in High Spirits with The Drinks Drop!

Supporting adaptation, innovation and reactivation! Introducing the new website for 'The Drinks Drop' by our friends at Highball Brands - luxury drinks brand wholesaler to the esteemed and premium restaurant and bar trade. This new platform has been designed to help reactivate parts of the bar and drinks industry.

We were tasked with creating a B2C custom e-commerce solution for their contact free home delivery cocktail and spirit service, the 93 Web and Brand team delivered the website in less than 10 days. This enabled Highball Brands to sell for the first time online and reach a new home market. 

Targeting Manchester and London as hubs to trial their concept they're only two weeks into trade and seeing fantastic results for this start-up business - if you’re in London or Manchester... Try it! You must!

The Drinks Drop

93 continue to support and provide expert guidance behind the scenes with key insight into analytics performance and updates to the custom shop back-end development. 

We'd love to hear from you if you have an inkling of an idea that we can help with to innovate, adapt and reactive your business. 

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