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The white cliffs of Dover captured by drone over the English Channel by filmmaking team 93ft Sheffield for Beegrip advanced surface coating Two people walking on the Dover linkspan at dusk filmed by 93ft Sheffield for Beegrip promotional film Moving the linkspan road surface with heavy machinery by Beegrip advanced surface coatings filmed by 93ft Sheffield
9th December, 2020

Beegrip - Advanced surface coatings. Trusted by the global supply chain. A short cinematic film documenting the resurfacing of a linkspan at The Port of Dover, England

UK-based advanced surface coating specialists, Beegrip Ltd approached 93 to create a motion picture documenting the resurfacing of Berth 7 linkspan at The Port of Dover. They wanted to tell the story about how their product helps to keep vital supply chains open between Britain, Europe and the rest of the world.

Creatively, we wanted to make a film that would exceed the clients expectations, and push the boundaries of both the marine and surface coating industry. Over the course of three days our filmmakers worked closely with The Port of Dover authorities to skill fully document the often brutal and industrial process that is needed to resurface the linkspan. 

We wanted to capture this industrial process in a beautiful and cinematic style. Filming on the ground was recorded as 4k high speed footage, while from the air our drone operator took to the skies to capture a wider context of the site and the White Cliffs of Dover. High speed footage enabled us to capture slow motion visuals to create footage with a graceful and cinematic style. Working in this way also allowed us to create some beautiful and intricate sound design effects within the film. By slowing down the sound captured on camera this works to create an almost heightening of the senses as your ears tune into the details of the soundtrack.

The team was made up of a Director, Cinematographer and Drone operator. This combination of team is powerful enabling us to work incredibly agile to document the story as it unfolded. This was particularly relevant in the context of the high secure location within the Port of Dover. In addition, filming took place in tandem with the JMS Lincoln and Beegrip team who were working to a tight deadline for completion. 

Credit overlays help compliment the visual journey, giving context and detail. Getting the narrative correct here was paramount to the success of the film. With the end result being shared across social and web channels the film has already been well received across Europe and beyond within the industry.

The client is extremely happy with the result. For us, this is a perfect example of how investment into a creative partnership with a team the client trusts, can result in world class content that speaks volumes about your brand, product and service to your audience and associates. Thank you to Beegrip for the opportunity to work together again.

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A transcript of the film reads below.

The White Cliffs of Dover, an icon of Britain and global landmark.
Ancient history tells of this formidable and natural defence, for any seafaring approach.
Established in 1606, today Dover is one of the largest passenger and RORO ports in Europe.
A linkspan is a type of drawbridge used in the operation of moving vehicles on and off RORO vessels.
An essential piece of infrastructure, operationally independent of tide and weather, vital of keeping supply chains open.
JMS Lincoln Ltd. Leading surface preparation and coating application contractor were trusted to repair Berth 7 linkspan.
Bimagrip® supplied by Beegrip Ltd. The only heavy duty, anti-skid coating system with a 30-year global marine industry track record.
Welcoming over four million vehicles per year.
JMS Lincoln Ltd and Bimagrip®. Trusted by the global supply chain.
Special thanks to the National Trust, Port of Dover. ‘Portus Dubris’ original soundtrack by Dave Clarkson.

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