30th September, 2020

Amy Murrell - How to make a photographers portfolio website

Amy worked alongside our brand and website development team who helped her to create a clean and professional website design.

Amy is a creative photographer who specialises in lifestyle, interior and food photography.

Over the past 15 years her clients have ranged from luxury hotels, spas and restaurants to interior designers, housing developers and brands like Soho House and M&S.

Amy worked alongside our brand and website team who helped her to create a clean and professional website design. Using Adobe XD allowed us to quickly visualise the website design and give Amy a feel for how the website would look and function.

During the discovery stage of the project we understood that Amy wanted her photography to 'do the talking', so we developed a bespoke website design that perfectly framed each photograph across a range of sizes, both landscape and portrait. Because our web designers work alongside our developers we could ensure any front-end website requirements could be matched to any back-end development. This was especially important when it came to linking this to the Content Management System, allowing Amy the chance to easily upload her photography whichever orientation best suited the image.

An easy to use navigation was designed to help create well ordered content, making it effortless to browse her portfolio and quickly understand her specialisms. For example, album images can be linked directly to a project, ensuring a consistent user journey and experience.

Having multiple views within albums and projects, means the user can explore many images quickly as well as expand them to view them in greater detail. A useful feature allowing the user to view the quality of the photography quickly and effortlessly, whichever device they're using. All our websites come fully responsive as standard, meaning the website can intuitively adapt its content and layout to various screen sizes from large desktops, to mobile devices.

Quick loading times help return favourable results with Google, so we implemented progressive image loading. This means the website loads in assets as and when they’re required to be displayed on the page to minimise load times. This helps speed up the user experience as well as enhancing the website's credentials with Google.

Our Content Management System (CMS) lets Amy edit the website directly, and given it's super easy to use means changes can be quick and effective. Image 'Alt Tags' can also be edited directly in the CMS which helps to maximise the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) opportunity, meaning images can be searchable by Google.

Launched late September, we'll continue to work closely with Amy to ensure the new website begins to index well within Google. We expect to see some positive performance results and wish Amy the very best with her new website.

If you have a website project that you'd like to talk to one of our team about, please send an email to and we'll be happy to help.

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