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93 features - Colour of the Future, with G.F Smith

93 features - Colour of the Future, with G.F Smith

Do you ever think about the evolution of colour and where it is going next? Join 93 and G.F Smith on the 4th April at The Mowbray to discuss the Colour of The Future.

93 are excited to welcome G.F Smith to The Mowbray for the next event in the 93 features series. 

The morning will be a chance to meet the 93 brand team, see some of 93's projects that play with the importance of colour, and an opportunity to learn about the launch of G.F Smith’s latest research project, Colour of The Future. 

The future isn’t black and white, so help us to determine the Colour of The Future!

G . F Smith is excited to announce the launch of their latest research project - a global colour survey seeking to define the colour that represents our collective future. Colour touches our lives in countless ways. It has long been known to influence our moods, our energy levels, and even our buying decisions. The colours we surround ourselves with send out messages about who we are – or who we want people to think we are. Whether we’re feeling blue or seeing red, our lives are shaped by colour.

But how do our thoughts, hopes and expectations about the future influence our views about colour? When we look to the future, do we see the world as bright and vibrant, or dull and drained? Does the future look different to different parts of the world? Or is it unique to the individual?

Over the next 12 months, G.F Smith invite you to participate to help them determine the answers to these bold questions. Head to now to select your personal vision for the colour of the future from a near-limitless palette. This session will introduce the project, looking at the history and application of colour to challenge how you approach selecting your Colour of The Future.

The morning will involve:
9.30am - 10am - Welcome, networking and a chance to explore Colorplan
10am - 10.45am - Colour of The Future with G.F Smith's Josh Williams and 93
10.45am - 12pm - Q&A, meet 93's brand team and discover more about G.F Smith

At the end of the session, the 93 and G.F Smith team will be there to answer any questions you may have about colour, paper and brand application.

We will be serving tea, coffee and pastries by The Mowbray.

This is a free event - we only have a limited number of places so please reserve a spot to avoid disappointment.

We’d love to see you there!

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